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Welcome to Mindful Revamp Inc. 

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Hi, I'm Gabrielle Gonzalez and I'm so grateful you happened upon my website!  I hope that exploring the various sections on this page might offer you the guidance, support or resources that might compliment and propel you in your healing journey. 

I hold a license in marriage and family therapy and graduated with my Masters in Science from Cal State LA.  When I first began my bachelors program at Cal State Fullerton, I intended on studying the art of acting.  After changing my focus a number of times (from acting, to design, to child development and then eventually to counseling), I discovered that perhaps what I'd been searching for all along was the opportunity to connect deeply with other humans, reflect the challenges of human suffering, and offer emotional release and relief. 

My professional mission is to support fellow human beings in navigating their life challenge powerfully and gracefully with the use of mindful connection to the present moment.



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Psychotherapy Sessions

Psychotherapy (for CA residents only) is mental health treatment; with Mindful Revamp, the primary focus of treatment is to evaluate life stressors, trauma, core beliefs, and the impact of these experiences on well being. Therapy sometimes includes diagnosing, which is done for the purpose of better understanding each individual client’s needs as well as the most effective approach to treatment.

Therapy with Mindful Revamp, Inc. invites an integrative approach to healing; where you, the client, are recognized as a piece of nature that has weathered storms and changed with the seasons. The integration of your mind, body and breath are at the seat of healing- as you engage your senses, your innate abilities, and your capacity to make meaning in new ways.

Meet with your therapist for 50 minutes of unconditional positive regard, deep empathy, full presence and authentic reflection. Your therapist will utilize mental health theory, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Pscyhodynamic Therapy, Attachment Focused Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Family Systems Therapy or Gestalt Therapy (dependent on personal needs of each client).

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